Who can you trust?

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Someone with greater knowledge of a subject?
Your doctor?
Your local MP?
Your bank?
Your colleagues?
Your close family (Mum, Dad, children, best friends)?
Our Prime Minister, President or Ruler?
How about yourself?
Your telecomunications provider?
Your utilities providers?
A judge in a court?
Your clients (if you run a business)?

I would openly admit, I have a serious and extremely vocal contempt, and probably paranoia, for nearly all of the above, except my close family and friends and some of my colleagues whom I class as friends in any case.

A good friend of mine, a professional Mountaineer once said to me on climbing mountains (particularly if going solo), “Listen to everyone and trust no one”.  I had to come within a hair’s breadth of death before really understanding his words … but i can tell you this … I do understand NOW!

In my last blog, I talked of the embracing of and complete understanding of interdependence.  How then, as a promoter of interdependence, do I reconcile my contempt for most of society?

Well, part of my contempt comes from feeling let down, very seriously on numerous occasions by the likes of British Telecom, British Gas, Vodafone, American Express, Barclays, various judicial systems and clients.  However, I have to accept responsibility for some of this contempt.  You see, a large part of my contempt comes as a result of my expectations on other organisations or individuals.  Some of my contempt and disappointment comes as a result of not being very clear with various individuals about what I will get and when I will get it.  The remaining part of my contempt comes from people simply not doing what they say they are going to do, and telling lies.

As I get older, I am learning about the the importance of clear and direct communications.  I am also learning that, although some folks will let you down unintentionally, this does not make them bad people and for me, that’s an important point to remember.

However, let’s not be fickle about this … some of the organisations mentioned above, and loads of others too, employ people who really could not give a flying F**K about such things as common HUMAN decency, let alone legal precedents like “non-performance”, contractual commitments, implied responsibilities and accountability for one’s actions.

Polarise yourself with decent folk, who might occasionally make mistakes, but not out of malice (and as such are still good folk).  Just be aware of their limitations.

These words are as much written to myself as to all you very kind people who may happen upon this blog.

With love, peace and hope.


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