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Here in my very comfortable home, with my paper and pen, in my warm clothes and with food in my belly…..I search.

Where do I search?

I search in my being, I search for truth, I search for answers and I search for a way to help.

If you have ever wondered, about the “stuff” of life that “spikes” your interest, then you may understand that the “stuff” that motivates and saddens me most, is that which happens to those that are most vulnerable and least equipped to defend themselves.

Largely this seems to be worse in the developing nations. (But, let’s not fool ourselves, it is right here, in the “west”, under our noses too). Those who are of an inconsequential value to the world – The “Bui Doi” –“The dust of life”, the poor, and those of low caste. The ones who, apparently have no use in society.

You see, we’ve all heard it before….. In some places in the world (many in fact) life is cheap.  Kill one; why not kill one hundred or one million? That’s a million less problems in the eyes of some Governments.

I’ve seen it first hand and refuse to forget.

Burma – I use the term deliberately, because the hundreds of people I have been lucky to establish a personal connection with, have explained to me that Burma is their home, not Myanmar. (Myanmar is the name that came from the former governing Military Generals).

Madame Aung San Suu Kyi – one of a handful of statesmen, the world over, which I hold in high esteem, is being slated for not speaking out about the horrific treatment being metered out towards the many peaceful Muslim folk in the Rakhine State, (the so called “Rohingya”) as they flee for their lives by land and sea to Bangladesh.


Dear Madame Aung San Suu Kyi

The internet and the western media is reporting crimes against humanity toward the Rohingya Muslims. There is an alleged push from the Buddhist community to rid the state of Muslims. There are reports of such heinous acts of violence being perpetrated by military officials, against defenceless human beings.

Why is this?

This is asked in quiet, soft, compassionate, sincere, respectful and peaceful tone.

Many of us only know what the western media is reporting. I am also getting some information from a small number of friends, who are close to what is going on in the region.

I can’t say anything more than this for fear of retribution to my sources. I am not a political activist, but more just a person who cares and wants to help preserve human right for all. From this I ask these questions, not out of disrespect, but out of respect.

The world knows of many years that you were deprived of your family, your freedom, and of the desperately extreme lengths that you sought to make peace in your country, at horrific personal loss.

I would not be surprised if your answer was “I’m very tired now and I simply cannot do this anymore”.  We all have limits, don’t we (?). There would be no shame in this Madame Suu Kyi.

Madame Suu Kyi, I believe you are a peace loving, self-sacrificing human – perhaps you are unwell – If so I wish you well with pure heart. As an ordinary person, that’s all I can do.

Or is it?

Is there some way I can help Madame Suu?

The probability that you might read this is extremely low, but I feel compelled to write in any case. I have to try the hardest I can.

I have read (reported by the media in the west) of the abstinence of the Buddhist community to comment on the genocidal abuse of the Rohingya Muslims. Perhaps this is untruthful (?) Yet with the virulence of the internet also reporting this, it must feel like the earth has fallen off its axis in the Buddhist community.

Madame Suu, do you know what the truth of this situation is?

Amnesty International is reporting that an estimated 300,000 souls are fleeing to the seas and border lands of Bangladesh.  It appears that the Buddhist communities are at the helm of this push, to rid the state of Rakhine of its Rohingya Muslim community.

However, I wonder how much of this is also driven by the now, Officers of Government, who were formally persecutors of such terrible acts of violence and war crimes. Have these now legitimised people, covertly, taken up their “swords” again?

I sit here, in relative luxury and safety, so what is my interest in Burma?  Respectfully, Madame Suu Kyi, I have visited with refugees from your country on many occasions, I have been to your “shores” a few times, in the last two years, written and recorded songs, made a video and written of your country many times.

I care, and that is the only reason I write.

Seeing the desperate and heart breaking desolation of a democratic Burma, that you sacrificed so much to establish, I want to help, to preserve and restore peace.

Like you, I am of the belief that hope is an empty word, unless it is backed up by action.

You once rallied the international community “Please use your liberty to promote ours” Madame Suu your call has not fallen on deaf ears.

Let me use my liberty to promote the liberty of a peaceful multicultural Burma and as a result of ACTION try to restore some hope.

Just tell me, and tell the world how we can best help, PLEASE.

Yours sincerely and respectfully


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