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We’ll see

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Dear all,

Thank you for your continued support and following and to those of you who are new to JAcOB…WELCOME.

I’m in south east Asia at the moment trying, with boots on the ground, to get to grips with some charitable projects. It seems that the bureaucracy in this area of the world, which I am sure is in place for good reasons, actually prevents ordinary folk from being of help.

We did connect a few days ago, with a group called Youth Connect Foundation…..where I did a small gig…..to a very appreciative audience.

Yesterday though, we went to a couple organisations and virtually had the door slammed in our faces. We went to a refugee camp at Mae La, the largest refugee camp in Thailand but were prevented from entering.

This morning, we have met a lovely lady called Jo and once again, our hopes are lifted that we may be able to bring some joy to people.

As the Zen master said “we’ll see”.

Today, I am entering a few more paragraphs of our experiences, amazing generosity and unbelievable IGNORANCE, ARROGANCE and rudeness by, I am appalled to say, one of my fellow countrymen.

We are off to another gig at the Youth Connect Foundation who are fantastic and hardworking people and I want to thank Jo, Matt and Millie from my heart, for these angels work in the worst imaginable conditions and deal with inconceivable situations with tireless dedication and on such small budgets.

On the other hand I have seen and FELT the “closed shop” politics of some of the larger well known organisations in Mae Sot which have relatively big budgets at their disposal and who are run, in my opinion, by a bunch of morons.

I will not mention them, because these are just my feelings, but what would one conclude from a man who you offer a sincere handshake to and who ignores it? This is a man who “we” put in charge of large amounts of aid money and who cannot even act with basic decency or dignity.

Anyway, enough of the negative….Jo, Matt and Millie, who are such brilliant people have bent over backwards to help us get involved in some really exciting projects like, a camp of people which has been built up on a rubbish tip of such huge proportions you would not believe, the Youth Connect Foundation and some other projects where we are trying to find out what specific needs are.

However, there’s an important difference in the guidance we have been given generously by the good guys which is, identify a need, and source it locally, this allows sustainability within the community.

Ok….off to rock the with the Kids !!!

With love


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