TRomM Volume 8 – Turning a Corner and Back Again – OUT NOW!

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JAcOB is just an ordinary bloke … and that’s the bottom line.
I’ve written so much poetry and yet I question whether I have learnt anything on this journey. I fi nd myself back in the depths of darkness wondering if there is any point to living.  As I continue to use the medium of poetry to explore the darkness that falls on me, the familiar injustices come back time and again. The hurt and pain my existence causes others and the awareness that it is those closest to me that suffer the most is the worst reality. Yet, I refuse to use my depression as an excuse for my actions. So why do we hurt those we love the most? Unable to fi nd an adequate answer, this volume of poetry again questions whether my existence is the issue.
In spite of my current demons, the love of those closest to me is unfailing and it constantly amazes me that these precious people are willing to be associated with me through it all..

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