Coming Soon! The Ramblings of My Madness Volume 6: The Voice in My Heart

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It’s been a few months since we published the last volume of The Ramblings of My Madness. After a few edits and tweaks, we’ve finally sent off Volume 6 to the printer. The Voice in My Heart is a collection of my poems, inspired by what I’ve come across on my travels. I hope they will resonate and bring a little light into your darkness…

This new Volume contains a miriad of poetry and my ramblings that are basically me busting my way out of this sterile environment we live in. It’s the creative guts I spill trying to deal with the demons of my past.

TROMM volume 6 Talk poem exerptIt is a selection of poems about the world I live in and have travelled, trying to see how people born in other places – and are therefore not as lucky as I am – live in dire circumstances, and manage to be happy.

The Voice in My Heart contains observations and deliberations of what I’ve seen, having been all over the globe, trying to help people and fill the hole in my heart that the loss of my children has left behind.

JAcOB in Mae Sot

I have met some phenomenal human beings and I’ve experienced the weird and the wonderful. I’ve witnessed the abhorent, and the truly despicable poverty that people are born into by chance of geographical location.

I want to help people, through my music, through my poetry and through  my time and energy.  I am just an ordinary bloke who is doing his best.

It is a prolific and politically charged, fierce condemnation of the capitalist destruction of the globe. My poems are part of my way of fighting back.  Giving people some perspective.

When and where can you buy Volume 6?

Volume 6: The Voice in My Heart will hopefully be available next month, and you can get it – along with the previous 5 poetry books – from Jacob’s shop on Amazon or from the shop on

Note:  A percentage of all sales of this item will go to specified charities.

Peace, love and hope to all of you,



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