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There’s NO Shame

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Dear All

As always, thank you to you guys for reading this blog.

Please feel free to share any blogs if you think they might be of interest to your friends or family.

I mentioned recently that I have been bestowed the greatest honour of being asked to write a song to promote social change of mental health for a fantastic Burmese/Myanmar organisation called Mote Oo.

For details of this organisation please visit :


The lyrics are :

There’s NO Shame
There’s no shame in crying tears
There’s no shame in having fears
So let’s drop this way of thinking
Let’s understand those who are sinking

Well can you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?
View the world through their eyes, can you?
The adversity in which people live through
Week after week and simply continue

Depression the cancer of this generation
Let’s together change the world nation
Let’s have empathy for those feeling low
Start by letting our feelings show

For I promise you there is no shame
Life is no rehearsal or game
We all have hurt but there’s no shame
I will stand with you and give my name

I’ve sat and stared at walls for hours
I’ve sought help from higher powers
I’ve wondered how long I can go on with blame
So as God is my witness there is no shame

Depression, worry and fear are all a part
Of you and your loved one’s heart
It doesn’t make you a lesser person
It just shows that you are human

So let’s pull together and support one another
Are we not all sisters and brothers?
No matter what some may say
Let’s change this world by loving this very day

The lyrics may change slightly.  As I have written before, I find that I experiment with different vocal inflections, guitar sounds and set ups, and thus the song is born and starts its own life.  I only have so much influence on the song because it can be personal and mean something different to every single listener.

When the song is recorded it will be available through all the normal channels, iTunes and from the justanordinarybloke.com website.

All proceeds from the song will go directly to Mote Oo and their projects.

It’s a particularly exciting time for me, whilst also being a bit frightening to be honest…….I have performed a number of small gigs, by the time this blog goes out I may have had some airplay and have also been asked if I would like to do a few live numbers on the radio.

Additionally, I am writing at a rapid rate to complete Volume 6 of “The Ramblings of my Madness – The Voice in my Heart”

“the naked truth” is being pressed right now and will be available for purchase by 29th July, maybe sooner, as will Volume 5 of “The Ramblings of my Madness – Maybe Another Day”.

I will be recording the song for Mote Oo 0n 17/18/19 July with a new producer and studio…….and am obviously keen to get this to market with haste.  Again this provides me with excitement and fear in equal measures !!

My thinking behind trying a new producer and studio is that new challenges force me to break out of my comfort zone, and only “here” will I know if I can grow.

For the last 20 years I have had the fortune of being friends with a multi-talented, insightful, hardworking and brilliant producer and for that I am extremely lucky.

Wish me luck as I set out on unchartered waters !!

With love peace and hope


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