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As always, thank you to you all for reading this blog. Please feel free to share any blogs if you think they might be of interest to your friends or family.

I mentioned some time ago that I was asked to write a song to promote social change toward mental health for an educational charity in Burma.

In the last few months SANE have been promoting this song as well, which is a great honour and I really hope it contributes to the great work that SANE do:

If you are able to check out this link and even better download and share with your friends then you will be helping a brilliant charity. Any and all proceeds will go to SANE.

The video can be viewed at:

You may have to cut and paste these links into a new browser tab.

There’s NO Shame

There’s no shame in crying tears
There’s no shame in having fears
So let’s drop this way of thinking
Understand those who are sinking


You walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?
But better still let’s see through eyes whose
The ones that have seen darkness through

Depression and blame and the shame too


Depression the cancer of this age
Together lets change the world stage
Let us have empathy for those feeling low
Start by letting our feelings show


For I promise you there is no shame
Life is no rehearsal and it’s no game
We’ve all felt hurt and the pain
But some of us live in the dark remains


I’ve sat and stared at the walls for hours
I’ve sought help from higher powers
I’ve wondered how long I can go on with blame
So as God is my witness there is no shame


Depression, and fear are all a part
Of you and your loved one’s heart
It doesn’t make you a lesser person
It just shows that you are human


So let’s help and support each other

We are all sisters and brothers?
No matter what some people may say
Let’s change the world by loving this very day

As I have written before, when writing a song I find that I experiment with different vocal inflections, guitar sounds and set ups, and having committed the song to “tape” the song is born and starts its own life.

In some ways it’s a bit like being a parent I suppose, you do what you can to give your offspring a good start and then ultimately they go off and have to live their own lives.

I only have so much influence on the song because it can be personal and mean something different to every single listener.

“The Ramblings of my Madness” – Volume 10 – aptly titled “The Ramblings End” is now in design and this heralds the end of this particular journey, though I continue to write, and am also getting back to my music.

I wish you all well, and if you have a few moments to spare please do visit one of the links, it’s all in a good cause.

With love peace and hope

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