bully's comeuppance

The bully’s comeuppance

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Hi Everyone I am delighted to introduce to you via our VERY FIRST GUEST BLOG a very dear mate of mine. Lets call her Gertrude !!!….that’s not her name and I hope that causes a few folk a wee smile…..”Gerty” has written about her experiential knowledge of how courage and its enemy….bullying, can manifest…..SO “Gerty” without further ado, take it away. Thank you for being our first Guest. If any of you readers fancy a go at a blog then you can contact me via the web site or directly on jacob@justanordinarybloke.com.  With Love peace and Hope, Jacob

I heard today that a school frenemy had died.  After seeing the unbelievable outpouring of grief and love for this person on social media, I wondered how many of them knew the real person.   Had she fooled so many ….as she’d done at school?  OR Can a leopard really change spots?

Harsh at it sounds I have no feelings of sadness or upset about what has happened to this young-ISH lady.  At school she was an elaborate liar, a skilled puppeteer and a clever bully, more of a bully by proxy.  She was the head of a gang the instant she joined our school.   Many of us take weeks to make friends and cliques but it seemed it was an honour, if said person, wanted to “hang out” with you.  Everyone did really want to be in her gang and easily accepted, even believed her deception!!

Her clan systematically bullied the vulnerable, all of which was orchestrated by her, the Mistress of Manipulation.  So if she was unhappy with something you had done or said one of her possessed posse would soon let you know.   I was once at the end of this battering ram, after hearing through the grapevine that she, the ringleader, wanted to “kick my head in”.  After the initial few weeks of fear, I decided to confront her and “have it out” with her, ALONE.   After summoning up the courage I did just that.  I cornered her on her own in the youth club toilet and challenged her to a fight.  (I was petrified and prayed my gut instincts were correct, hoping she would get the fright of her life and decline, as I had never fought in my life!)  I was right, and as we know bullies are cowards.  She had acted tough with her surrounding mob but on her own the bravado disappeared.

Shocked by my proposition she rapidly declined my offer to battle out our differences and grabbed my hand in hers and assured me that “she knew nothing about what was being said” and that “she just wanted to be friends” and the clincher “I will get everyone to like you again”!! I knew then and there just how influential she was.

Later in life I’d heard through friends of friends how her best buddy had disowned her, fed up with the outlandish tales she had told.  I heard of how she had cheated on her husband.  A premeditated act which had been planned by both parties involved.  The hubby did find out, but no doubt she had wriggled her way out of it with more lies, as they had stayed together.

So will I get a lashing from Karma for speaking ill of the departed and for having no sympathy for this mean, nasty aggressor?

For it is stated;  Karma has no menu.  You get served what you deserve.

With best wishes to you All

Gerty (not !)

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