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A Girl Called Suu



Some Say…..”Oh S**T….errrr I meant SHOOT”…….
I had the privilege to visit Myanmar a few days ago, which has been a long burning desire of mine…AND as a very wise friend of mine said to me, this visit will either “cure the itch or solidify my passion for the country”.  I can tell you without hesitation, it’s the latter.

I have written and recorded a song on the new album for a truly remarkable human being who, I simply wanted to walk in her steps, and pay homage to her immense COURAGE, STRENGTH, and HUMILITY.  While also being a deeply loving person and a “warrior” for PEACE through anti-violent power.

I talk of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Once again I was extremely lucky to meet a hugely talented young man, only just half my age, called David, (not his real name….out of respect for privacy).  A young man born and raised in Myanmar.  A professional videographer.

I explained about the song I had written and that I wanted to make a video whilst in Myanmar to accompany this.

The location was to be outside the gates of the residence of Aung San Suu Kyi.

The day before the shoot I got up at my normal “silly” o’clock and spent four hours scouting   Yangon to find alternate shoot locations in the event of the seasonal rains in Myanmar.

Towards the end of my time scouting, I stopped at four temples I had already visited earlier and, out of custom and respect, I removed the flip flops from my feet to walk bare foot through the temple.

I have nearly always felt peace in simply respecting another’s custom…….is that odd??

Anyway, as I was preparing to leave this particular temple I managed to step, barefoot, into a newly laid dog turd!!!!!!!!

Why on earth the French say this is good luck I know not, all I can say is that as “it” squelched between my toes, I felt a warmth of the kind which was most unwelcome!!

24 hours later we were filming in the pouring rain outside Aung San Suu Kyi’s residence and as David the Director announced “shoot” I thought he said something else!!

We completed filming and editing in the space of 12 hours and I hope that the end result, at least, conveys my personal gratitude to the People of Yangon for their warmth and openness, and to Aung San Suu Kyi, for her resilience in the face of such oppression.

The video is far from a perfect edit, but we had 12 hours to film and edit, as I was leaving the following day.  I hope you will forgive some of the less than perfect lip syncing.

Please visit YouTube :

God bless you all, whatever your faith.

With love, peace and hope.


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