Self Expression and the Domino Effect – Part 1

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Self expression for us all can be difficult sometimes. Yet, it is so important in the role of being human.

When we are passionate about a subject, self expression can be a natural flow of words and energy to those listening. Equally if a subject matter is such that you are “ill at ease with” then to express one’s self can be rather challenging.

Throw into the “mix” a bout of depression, anxiety, extended stress, or a load of stressful issues “land” on your shoulders at one time, or low mood, and self-expression can feel completely impossible or even nauseous. If your depression takes on the early warning sign of manic behaviour, a period of over-energetic need to “go” and “do” at an unnaturally fast pace (Bipolarism) then your self expression can go through the stratosphere and be potentially harsh and hurtful.

Me and self expression…

I write with intimate experience of both these extremes and the way I’ve messed up relationships with really good friends because of these extremes. And the effects of my self expression haunt me day and night.

I have often written and will continue to do so about the potentially massive and potent weapon of a pen and a journal, in the ever increasing battle between people and mental illness. The act of self-expression, even if only for your own reference, can be a life saver, and believe me, this is not melodrama.

Back in the day…

When I was a young “whipper snapper”, with a full head of long hair, a motorcycle, and the world was my oyster, I used to get tongue-tied when talking to girls. I was so desperately shy – it was painful! Self expression was almost impossible in the company of a girl who I might have fancied! Yet, somehow, I could go door to door selling double glazing, I set up my first company when I was 21, and I had no fear, except for talking with a member of the opposite sex.

Here and now…

I still struggle occasionally, not with any great degree, but I have to consciously be more pro-active and step up a gear, particularly in the company of strangers. However, in this little challenge of mine, I have found through self-experimentation that the more questions you ask, the less you have to talk, and the more interested people are in what you may have to contribute.

You see, the one thing that we are all experts on is ourselves, and human nature is such that, people generally, like to talk about themselves. So, give a person a chance at self-expression (to talk about themselves) and you are a long way down the road to creating a bond of some kind.

I sometimes have to internally tell myself “shut your big gob and listen!” Often this works, because I am in fact, REALLY interested in what other folks feel about certain issues.

I’m always learning…so this blog is to be continued!

With love, peace, hope, and sincerity,


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