Volume 10 – The RAMBLING’s End

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JAcOB is just an ordinary bloke … and that’s the bottom line. And so here we are at ‘The Ramblings’ End’. I seem to have exhausted every emotion possible throughout this journey. I’ve stared many scenarios squarely in the eyes and attempted to view them from different perspectives. Throughout all the volumes, I have remained ‘just an ordinary bloke’ spilling my soul, love, hurt, hate, contempt and, occasionally, hope onto paper. In my life, I’m all too aware of the pain I’ve caused others and I hope I have learnt from this and from those who have hurt me along the way. In this final volume, I reflect on those experiences that have shaped me and I continue to explore the ideals of justice and acceptance. My desire is and always has been to shed light on living with depression, to break the stigma experienced by many, and to open the possibility of embracing the darkness. I must conclude, and do so willingly, that I would rather live with ‘my darkness’ and be creative, than be unaffected by depression and remain uncreative. But for now, metaphorically, my feet are sore and I need to take off my boots!

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