Out of Time: coping with modern life

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Ever had that feeling of there simply not being enough time?  This happens to me almost every day!

Feeling out of sorts, or out of tune, at odds with the world, your partner or your friends? If you are a musician then you would perhaps understand this on a musical level but I don’t mean in a musical sense – though music is a good way of explaining the feeling.

I’m talking time flying and not being able to keep on top of it all. I reckon, being OUTSPOKEN (there’s a plug for my publisher!), there isn’t a living soul who hasn’t had these feelings at some time in their life.time-poor-economist-jeeves

So how do we deal with the time issue?

For some people, including me, it feels that the majority of my life is weighed down with ‘stuff’.  And before you can find time to get to deal with this ‘stuff’ other ‘stuff’ gets stacked on top of other ‘stuff’.

I rarely get to see, let alone remember, what it was that weighed me down in the first place.  Then, when other important issues in my life come up, they wind-up on top of the original pile I was trying to deal with and work my way through.

Sound Familiar?

The pile gets too big and then life becomes all just ‘too much’.  Believe me, I know; I’ve been there, and am there very often.

Now I’ve talked of this scenario, using different words, in other blogs but, if I might be so bold: there are a number of self-help tools you can use which may be of help.

And here’s another “plug”: I have just completed the first draft of one such book, but I hope that mine does something that the many really good books that I have read on depression, doesn’t really do:

It uses as few words as possible.

Here are a few other pointers on how you might find coping with average life in the 21st century a tiny bit easier:

  • Carry a little journal or open a notes page on your phone and simply make a list of the ‘stuff’ which needs to be done.  Just writing it down may help you prioritise urgent and non-urgent tasks.
  • Learn to say no!  This is actually not so easy to do sometimes, but you owe it to yourself and your own mental health to get used to it, so practice!
  • Identify a time in every day when you can just sit down quietly with a cuppa.  A time when you know you will not be interrupted.  You can use this break to meditate, or just think quietly without disturbance of what you need and want to achieve that day.

You may say, “I don’t have time, I already get up at 5 am…”, and I would reply, “…then try to get up at 4.30.” Now a word of guidance, again, if I might be so bold, as I am a morning person I am often up between 3am and 5am.

love the time I have where I know the phone isn’t going to ring and I can often write creatively, with a few cups of tea; or deal with things that need some thought, because I know, if I leave it for later, other ‘stuff’ will just drown me.

For you it might be after the kids have gone to bed or when you’ve done the washing up, etc.  Take a 1/2 hour before going to bed without the TV or your phone on, to think.


If you can delegate some tasks to your partner, kids or friends then do it!  You will probably find friends eager to help out – your kids less so! But believe me, as far as your kids are concerned, age appropriate chores are no bad thing for them, or you.

mopping-baby-age-appropriate-choresWhilst I would not advocate sending your children up the chimney, I would go as far to say that letting your children know they are needed to carry out small chores actually builds their self-esteem. It’ll free up some of your time.

What next?

OK, it’s time for me to close for this week.  Recently I have written that volume 10 will see the end of the “Ramblings of My Madness” series, and I was asked “what next?” …Well I’m still figuring that out.

I have a number of personal issues and events going on, and if I can summon up the energy maybe I will start gigging in earnest; maybe I will start recording for the next album; or maybe I will start talking to groups of people with depression, interlacing these talks with music…we’ll see. Time will tell…

With love, peace and hope.


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