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Well here is another “missive” from the enlightened mind of Jacob (that’s a questionable statement).

Being the age I am I seem to be surrounded by friends who are peri-menopausal.

There are all sorts of jokes which I could make at my own expense on this subject, but I will, on this occasion, resist.

I think I must be the only bloke who knows what it’s like to have an actual period.  I once had a strangulated haemorrhoid which bled for a week.  I resorted to wearing panty liners so I didn’t have to throw underwear away!

Now on a more sensible note.  Studies have been carried out, and it has been established that men also have a monthly cycle.  Ok it doesn’t manifest itself in a “pile popping out” each month(!).  But the lunar cycles can affect us all significantly, and it has been proven that two days either side of a full moon the natural strength and/or behaviour of all us human beings can be influenced.

Indeed, where do you think the word lunatic is derived from?

I know people who work with children with special educational needs have reported there is often a massive change in erratic behaviour at these times of the month, in both girls and boys.

It would be fickle to think that only women, past the age of puberty, are affected by a monthly change, in the light of so much evidence.

We know that some ladies suffer terribly with mood swings, stomach cramps, iron deficiency and a whole host of other symptoms, while others feel energised and are best at their time of the month.

And let’s not underestimate the power of hormones, joking aside.  Put a group of ladies together in a working environment on a daily basis, and they will often align so that their periods are concurrent.  I for one think that’s pretty amazing.

Now on the subject of mental health.  Cortisol is the stress hormone, too much and you’re on a slippery slope, too much over a long time and you are right on track for high cholesterol and high risk of depression.

On a more humorous note, a few weeks ago, I was having a few drinks with some mates of mine when one of my buddies piped up (just as I had taken a mouth full of beer), that his 17 year old son has “Meriods”.  Well I almost choked and spewed my beer all over the grass.  Thank goodness I was outside!  But the fact is there will be times for all human beings when you will feel more energetic and, I proffer, if hormones can affect physical change, they are pretty powerful and not to be taken lightly.

As regular followers of Jacob will know I was a fitness enthusiast for the best part of twenty years and for ten of those exercised vigorously almost every day.  I kept a diary and record of the weights I was lifting.  Time and again I would be able to push one extra “rep” or go slightly heavier during five days of the months.  That was a 10 year long experiment!

Certain foods can also affect the production of certain hormones, google it, foods such as dark chocolate, nuts and fruits.  There is an abundance of information which I could give you off the top of my head, but here’s the deal.  You are only going to make a change if YOU want to, which means you have to want to change SO MUCH that you are prepared to do some work.

Hormones play a huge part in mental health, don’t scoff, this is serious stuff and can affect people very, very seriously.

So the next time your Mum, girlfriend, boyfriend or Dad is a bit ratty with you, allow the dust to settle and just put your arm around them and ask “is there anything I can do to help?”.

Hormones…….. is not a “lady of the night” complaining about a client!  That’s the best attempt at humour I have, maybe I need a few hormones!!

With love peace and hope


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