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Feeling Angry, Upset, Irritated, Anxious?

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Do you know what the root cause of all the above is?  I suspect many of you will but you might be surprised at how many don’t.  I  work with a very intelligent bunch of guys and asked this question … no one could answer!

The root of all the above feelings is FEAR.

You may be thinking, “fear … what a load of rubbish … why on earth would I be fearful about calling a large telecoms company because they screwed up my bill?!”  You might go on to think, “I’m angry beyond words because this has happened six times in the last six months and my calls never get returned.  FEARFUL?  No, I just want to break someone’s legs!”

OK … so why do some of us get angry about many challenges of modern life?  Because, let’s face it folks, we live in a drastically different world to the one we grew up in, if you are over the age of 25.  Automated banks, automated checkouts, automated utility providers … it seems as though you have to be the Queen to speak to a human being!  If you take a deep breath for a moment and stop to think, “Why am I ready to stamp on my phone?!”  The reason could be something like this:

You have called “Idiot Telecom Ltd” eight times to ask for an explanation about your bill.  They have not returned one call and they have stolen extra money from your bank account, because of that standing order.  This has meant you have spent three hours of your time in the automated queueing system and that’s three hours that you wanted to spend with your kids.  But, on top of that, you have to get a report in for your study or work, which now is in jeopardy because you have to get this issue sorted first, otherwise you may go overdrawn and suffer bank charges, which may have a much greater knock on effect, e.g. being unable to pay other bills.

Now I don’t know about you, but some of that is actually scary and I would be scared and fearful of that and it would make my blood boil, and I ain’t joking!  But even if I had all the time in the world and money was no issue, I would feel aggrieved because some utility company or other is effectively stealing my money and/or time.  Time for me is as valuable as Sterling.  How dare anyone steal my time?  If someone came up to me in the street and stole my wallet, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in creating my own justice!

Now although it took me 40 odd years to learn it, by reading about it and by talking about it … the bottom line, take my word for it … it’s always fear.

Maybe this little insight may help some folk.  I used to have a terrible problem with anger … I wont go into why, because that’s just boring, but I am a lot better now.  However, the other day I was trying to deal with a multitude of issues all at the same time.  Then, when my phone rang, it was all too much for me and so I launched my phone into orbit!

Check out tonight’s stars and if you can see an iPhone in the sky, it may be mine!

With love peace and hope,


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