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I am very lucky, specifically, to know loads of decent people from all ‘walks of life’.  In turn, this makes me the beneficiary of huge enrichment of experiences and views.

A few years ago I was talking with a fella that I didn’t know at all, about time I had spent in Jerusalem and about how the ‘energy’ of the place was captivating, yet so very hard to articulate.

In talking with this fella, he said “I’m not into all that ‘energy stuff’, but you are right.  There is something special about Jerusalem”.

I could tell in that one statement that he was either uncomfortable talking about the intangibilities of life, or simply didn’t want to talk about this subject, which is every human’s basic right, isn’t it (?)

Now, that’s a big assumption, but the gentleman was clearly not comfortable letting the conversation go down the route of exploration into the mystery of life. So, he ‘closed the gate’, and that’s OK.  I have no problem with that.

I try to be sensitive and respectful to others’ comfort zones.  My closest friends would probably say I am not one for shallow conversation.  I can talk about football or motor racing with genuine interest especially if it involves West ham, England or McLaren, but the real ‘meat of life’ is much more exciting to me.

We are all different I guess, and that itself is a genuinely exciting aspect of our humanity.


As a slightly tenuous link to the above, Terry and I have known each other for 17 years or so. We would often talk about the energy that we as humans possess. It seemed to be a recurring theme for us in our conversations, and the journey that we shared for some ten years or so.

Terry went through some really tough times and, “got the hell out of dodge”, to use his words.  I tried to stay in touch regularly but, for five years or so, I didn’t know if he was alive or dead, due to the nature of his work at that time.

I heard nothing, although I kept sending occasional messages.

Then all of a sudden, after a gap of a few years Terry (not his real name, in case you wondered) “re-emerged”.

Our dialogue felt so ‘in tune’  that the 5 years which had passed instantly evaporated and it was, as if it were last week, he and I were having a clandestine meet over some grub in London.  We used to often speak about energies, synchronicity, introspection, awareness.  Our conversations were often explorative into the psyche, and were somewhat like going into an unknown cave with a torch, not knowing what we would find.

In truth, I usually felt that Terry was way above me in his intellect and understanding, and certainly much more widely read in most subjects that we talked about.

Nonetheless, I rarely had a lack of feeling about the subject matter of our conversations!!

I remember on one occasion I had just penned a song called “The Edge of Awareness”, no one other than myself knew of this, I had not recorded it and it was just a day or so before that I had written the lyrics. By complete chance or coincidence, Terry and I were talking a few days later and he said in conversation “I sometimes feel I am on the edge of awareness”!

Similar “coincidences” happened many times between us.

How does one explain these parallelisms (?)

When we reconnected, we established that lots of similar things were happening for us. Initially I was astounded by the “tangents” of “where” we were individually and the apparent synchronism in our lives.

I guess on reflection, given our history, I shouldn’t have been so amazed.

So, what does one call this?


Possibly synchronicity if you are familiar with the writings of Carl Jung.

Perhaps it’s God’s will? (If God plays a part in your life).

Or as Terry put it:

“A casual parallelism to the logical … law of attraction for the mystics … and ZPF (Zero Point Field) connectivity for the quantum physicists … whichever one, it’s a fascinating occurrence”.

Indeed, whatever ‘it’ is, it is fascinating.


Now, in truth, as my song “Jack of all Trades” (from the Album “Light at the End of the Tunnel?”, please forgive the plug!!) might allude, as well as being just a very ordinary bloke, I know a little about a fair range of subjects but I am a master of nothing.

I am aware and often quite sensitive to the energies that people possess. I am aware how these energies can wain and peak for certain people, and this is how “energy” perhaps ties into depression.

I would love to better understand the subject of human energy, I have my own theories and thoughts, but there are few people that I would actually discuss this with, in depth.

And so, to try and draw some conclusion to this reflection of a few days in the life of JAcOB, what does all the above say?

Well, if I were an older, wiser version of me, as I have also talked about recently, what might I say to the ‘younger me’?

Perhaps it might be something like this.

“Try not to pre-judge, try to be open, try to exercise humility, try to be forgiving, try to be honest, and take a sincere interest in fellow humans. 

No one person can change the world, but MOST of us can change the world of at least one other person, for the better. ”

Chance encounters, with fellow humans can sometimes yield the most amazing friendship’s, experiences and joy.

We carry these opportunities and experiences somewhere deep, in our psyche and, for me, sometimes they emerge, and I wonder where on earth they came from! Then in a quiet moment of reflection I get a recall of where this “thought” originated.

Experiences, good and bad, happy or sad, positive, negative, pleasurable or not so, can all be a source of inspiration. Indeed as I get close to “sealing” the door on the “Ramblings of my Madness” series, (V10 as yet untitled…. I’d be grateful for suggestions for a title of this last volume) I am mindful of my efforts to thank everybody that has had a negative influence in my life. You see, time has told me, all these people have inspired me to protest against unfairness, stand up for those less able to defend themselves and speak out for the marginalised. Thus I have come to recognise my passion to garner this deep seated hate for violence and corruption. (Sermon over!!)

You just need to be open to allow that flow of energy from within. I’m not talking about tree hugging, though there’s nothing wrong with that…I’ve done it a number of times in my life, when no one is looking mind!!

I bid you all a prosperous week and keep your eyes open for those opportunities to help a fellow human, for this is the greatest gift of any, in my opinion.

With love, peace, and hope,



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