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I am very lucky to have close relationships, and friendships with people from many countries, faiths and walks of life.

I have had close experiences of good people of many different faiths.  Many well meaning folk have tried to convert me.  I’ve also been close to people who have very harshly judged me because of my own individuality and resistance.  What I believe in, I feel, is actually irrelevant to this blog but what I would say is, “Let yourself trust yourself.  Have faith in YOU.  Have the courage to read for yourself, make your own decisions, find something, or nothing, that resonates for you”.

OK, I do believe in a deity but I do not subscribe to any prescriptive doctrine in its entirety, and I would hope never to judge for one moment someone for following their heart.  I believe God (by whatever name you know him) gave us a brain and wants us to use it.

What does all this have to do with depression?

Suffering with depression and mental illness can sometimes be eased if you have a higher power in which to believe.  I am not advocating for a moment delegating responsibility for one’s actions.  We all know that acts of extraordinary beauty and human kindness are often accredited to the ‘Glory of God’.  Indeed, I am not clever enough, a scholar, or terrifically well read in theology to be able to debate this with anymore than my feelings.  But who says my feelings and beliefs are any less (or more) important or valid than any other human being?  Sadly too, we all know that so many acts of heinous violence take place in the name of religion.

And so we come back to courage.  If you suffer with or know someone with a mental illness, the chances are that you, or they, are someone who has shown immense courage …

It’s been written many times that depression is unlike having a broken leg or a laceration that you can put a plaster over.  It’s a wound that is invisible and in some way, this makes it shameful to the sufferer in our society.  Doctor Tim Cantopher once wrote, “Depression – the curse of the strong.”

To conclude, I would urge you all, sufferers and loved ones of sufferers … take your courage, use it and find you own way … but do it … don’t just talk about it!

With love, peace and hope for you all,


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