The Continued Ramblings of my Madness

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I recently reconnected with a friend that I had not communicated with for a good few years. The current of life for us both had flowed in different directions and it was just simply that, nothing more or less.

We exchanged a few messages, and my friend had had some health issues in the last few years and moved a couple of times etc etc. I mentioned that in the last two years I had published 7 books and written and recorded two solo Albums.

My friend’s remark was :

“I can’t believe you have published 7 books and recorded 2 solo albums…In 2 years!!! My god man, you must have been bursting at the seams to get that all out LOL and isn’t the best poetry born from a touch ¬†of madness!?

Clearly there must be a little more than a touch of madness within me. (!!!!)

I have written before of the role that poetry and music play in my life.

You see I have found it’s often “ok” or acceptable to write things that leave room for artistic and reader/listener interpretation/impression than to say these things in direct communications or more straight literature.

Indeed I have direct experience of this. I did a significant amount of work with a great team of people, on the artistic side of music and literature, which I know was significantly challenging for them. However when I had finally completed my autobiography which was straight, at times angry, and in places unforgiving and ugly, and named real people, the team I had worked with chose not to engage with this part of my work. And that’s ok, we all have our borders of comfort don’t we (?)

So this morning I was lingering with the thought that my music and poetic writing is often a channel for all that I experience, and I do find, increasingly that I can write stories about the good things in life, and write in musical fashion and sing of my passions too.

Those close to me, might think, “wow that’s a really positive thing for the miserable so and so to say!” But actually it’s not meant to be anything other than the truth.

And, still the darkness resides within.

So the question deep in my subconscious is “where do I go from here ?”

I don’t delude myself or the folks around me that, my music and poetry will dry up, I think that is very unlikely, but I guess time will tell. Currently Volume 6 of “The Ramblings of My Madness – The Voice in My Heart” is written and just needs editing and I have started on Volume 7.

Additionally my third Solo Album is developing with several songs already written and practiced, and 1 actually recorded. The title of the New Album which I am aiming at releasing in June Next year 2017, is “For The Forgotten”.

I have several other ideas for books that I have yet to “build” in my mind so time will tell on these projects…… the “madman’s ramblings” do continue…….

I suppose I would like to reiterate/suggest/encourage those of you who struggle with depression, mental health issues, to try using art, be that music, writing, painting to as a channel for self help or expression. Equally if you care for or love someone with these problems then perhaps you might encourage them to try art as an expression.

In recent months (at the time of writing) a family I care for very much have had significant challenges, with insomnia, and my heart goes out to them all….for one person suffering with this horrid problem is horrific……you’re all in my thoughts.

To you all, I wish you hope peace and blessings whatever your faith may be.


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