JAcOB is just an ordinary bloke … and that’s the bottom line.

I am an expert in nothing.  I won’t baffle you with long words because I am not that clever.  All I am is what I can share.

I have read countless books, experienced lots of prescribed medication, suffered with depression for a very long time and been at the brink of finality on many occasions.  I have tried all manner of strategies for dealing with the destruction and carnage that can mark a life with depression.  I know not for my own existence but my hope is that some of my experiences may bring you some ‘human’ hope and comfort.

Let us be diligent and aware that we all have the potential to be propelled into the darkest of dark rooms and from that perspective let’s stop judging and start talking about the reality of living with depression.

With love, hope and peace,


Permissions for reuse

If you wish to reuse any music, poetry of artwork on this site, please contact me through this site, stating full name, contact details and reason/purpose for reuse.


I’m a great believer in helping others and have found that at times this has been my only real joy in life.  I have decided to share a % of  sales from music and literary items with some charities that are close to my heart; MS Society, SANE, MIND, NSPCC, Samaritans and the Give blood campaign.


Outspoken is a range of casual wear that is responsibly sourced and high quality.  Outspoken is providing a range of products in their shop, printed with phrases from JAcOB, and other statements to challenge perception of mental health.

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