waiting room of the world

The Waiting Room of the World

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Have you ever tried to name your ten favourite movies?

Or your ten favourite songs?

Or, how about this … if you could invite three people, dead or alive, to dinner who would they be?  And why?

Or perhaps when you have things on your mind or need time out, you go and wash the car, or dig the garden, or knit?  I often have these and similar conversations with my friends and we talk about the associative memories connected with such songs, movies or people.

One of my favourite movies of all time is “Shadowlands”.  This tells the story of Clive Lewis (C.S.Lewis), in the period of his life when he falls in love and marries an American lady.  Now, this brilliant movie speaks to me on several levels.  Firstly, I think Anthony Hopkins (who plays Lewis) is one of the most talented actors of our time.  Secondly, the movie is set in the early nineteen fifties, an era of post war hope when the finer inflections of our beautiful language had not been lost.  Thirdly, C.S.Lewis was a writer (I sometimes delude myself that I am) so I can relate to the contradictions in his character regarding the challenges of the world, e.g. the suffering we see, his view on faith, etc.  The parallels go on.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I am not comparing myself to this Master of Literature, I am comparing myself to what is portrayed in his character.

There is a scene from the movie where Lewis’s wife has been diagnosed with advanced cancer.  This meant certain and imminent death in the fifties.  On hearing the news, he refers to the ‘Waiting room of the world”.  The time when you are helpless as nothing you do will change the outcome.  The time when you feel like you would rather have the pain and anguish instead of watching a loved one suffer so terribly.

I do have my own experiences of the Waiting Room, but this blog is about taking time to think of a favourite top ten which may unblock emotions, whether this be with close friends or in private.  Our association with these ‘works’ can be a real help in the fight against depression.  There have been days in my life where I have barely stopped crying; other days when I have wanted to cry but couldn’t.  Often in these instances, ‘Olivia’, my faithful guitar, holds my hand, guides and supports me, helping me express myself and, in the process, unclogs my tear ducts.

Think about your favourite movies, songs, people or meals, the list is endless.  Write them down and share them with friends over supper … it can work wonders!

With love, peace and hope to you all.


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