Poems for Younger People

Poems for Younger People

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I wanted to do something that was devoted to the mystery of words and opening young peoples minds to the beautiful language that we have.  Initially, the the book started when a little girl, a daughter of some friends in Australia, had been suffering with anxiety about school, so I wrote an anecdotal story about Katy the Kangaroo … for ‘Luc’ to try to explain why it’s OK to have a nervous feeling sometimes.  This became a poem.

I then became aware that there were a number of other poems in me that might be of use to parents and young people to read together … and with this in mind, I set to work.  I had a close friend work tirelessly on the editing (ST), taking my raw material to a stage of ‘printability’.  Then, after engaging an illustrator and my friend (GT) to complete and put the final touches to design, and deciding on a hardback format for durability, we went to print.

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Note:  All proceeds go to the NSPCC and other children’s charities.

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